Welcome to my first blog post on my brand new blog, “The Fine Point”.

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Liz Bartlein, born and raised in the midwest, fueled by coffee, instagram and the lastest Reese Witherspoon or Oprah Book Club read. The concept of Elizabeth E Design, LLC started a little over three years ago. In my late twenties while, attending my umteen wedding of the summer a friend had asked me if I could write on some chalkboards for her wedding. I have always had clean and manicured handwriting, but at the time, didn’t have any experience in creating a traditional handlettered board. I stumbled upon a book, Handlettering 101 by one of my handlettering icons, @ChalkfullofLove that helped refine my connections between letters and helped inspire me to continue to create and practice the art of handlettering.

Second, it started with weddings, but quickly into home decor and custom gifts too. Through promoting my new skill on social media, the custom requests started coming in. I soon found a way of creating a series of pieces that merged my love of travel and skill. Starting with a gift for my sister-in-law, I created a Minnesota state print, and from there have branched out to at least 20+ state prints. My biggest sense of accomplishment comes from custom projects that I work closely with the client to develop a one of a kind, unique and personal gift. Take a peek at my gallery for a few examples!

Third, this blog’s purpose is to share some of my projects, products that I utilize and techniques within my business. So please follow along!